Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kuka tappoikaan Nemtsovin

Äskeisen postauksen kommentoija (sama, joka epäilee USA:n levittävän ebolaa?) oli sitä mieltä, että Nemtsovin murha antoi oppositiolle marttyyrin ja se oli sen tarkoituskin.  Jälkien johtaminen hirveen yllättävästi Kaukasukselle näyttää kuitenkin tuottavan vaikeasti selitettävää Venäjän ystävillekin:

Zaur Dadaev  – who supposedly pulled the trigger –  was the deputy commander of the Chechen special operations battalion “Vostok”.  Hardly your typical Takfiri freak.  Not only that, but Ramzan Kadyrov came pretty close to vouching for him.
 I don’t know about you, but this makes no sense to me.  Kadyrov has never been shy about condemning misbehaving Chechens or about his categorically uncompromising stance against all forms of terrorism.  And yet, in this case, he seems to be harboring the deepest doubts even though Dadaev apparently confessed.  Kadyrov does admit that Dadaev was shocked by the events of Charlie Hebdo and the support for the caricatures (of the Prophet) , but at the same time he also finds it unthinkable that Dadaev would do anything which could hurt Russia (which the murder of Nemtsov certainly did).  Let’s summarize what Kadyrov says about Dadaev:
How does any of that fit the Russian TV version about these men killing Nemtsov for money?
  How’s this, Saker:
The FSB finds the real culprits, who lead to proof that the hit was ordered by agents of US/Israel/Uk–any combination thereof. He keeps it under wraps. Secretly offers a deal the anglozionists cannot refuse: Lift sanctions and we’ll keep mum or we’ll expose you. Deal is made. Patsies are found and Kadyrov obliges with cockamamie story about “Charlie”, so he gets a medal. Germany immediately declares that there are clear signs that the “aggression” against Ukraine has stopped–which means no reasons for sanctions. All decry terrorism.

One really wild hypothesis: what if Russia is deliberately presenting these fake suspects as part of a smokescreen to protect another real investigation that is presumably very dangerous ? You might want to do that in order to baffle the real perpetrators for a while.
In parallel, some other strange fact: FortRuss is attacking Strelkov really bad, they even insinuate there might be a connection between him and this killing.

Olen tainnut kirjoittaa näin ennenkin, mutta kun Putinilla on sellainen ystävä kuin Ramzan Kadyrov, hän ei paljon vihollisia tarvitsekaan.

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Anonymous said...

No luulen että Putin ei enään kauan ole vallassa, montaa vuotta ainakaan, ainoo pahapuoli on jos tilalle tulee joku viellä pahempi ja arvaamatttomampi, niin sillon saattaa tulla Putinia ikävä ..