Friday, March 20, 2015

Hyviä ja huonoja uutisia Venäjältä

Hyvät uutiset: Venäjällä tajutaan, että heitä ei odoteta Kiovassa vapauttajina.

The obstacle was somewhere else. This deserves close consideration, and not throw about phrases like “how is the Donbass less Russian than Crimea?” This is faulty logic at work, and it was never part of Putin’s thinking. The problem is somewhere else. Donbass is not a peninsula which can be blocked by cutting off the isthmus. If one sends troops into the Donbass, then the frontline becomes longer with every kilometer West, from the  Black Sea to Belarussian forests. Therefore if one enters the Donbass one must march, as a minimum, to the natural border of the Dnepr, but that’s Poltava, Sumy, Chernigov, Dnepropetrovsk with their populations, a significant part of which had already been zombified into Russophobia. With every kilometer we’d get a less pro-Russian and more Russophobic (I know this on the basis of examples). The junta was able to sway people’s minds already by March, April, May, so that one could not expect a full support for the Russian Army even in the cities of the Larger Novorossia, not to mention Vinnitsa.
Look at how much importance “tyrannical” Putin attaches to people’s sentiments and desires, even if those desires are imposed from the outside. Now we know for certain that the Kremlin was conducting opinion polls constantly and everywhere—in the Crimea, on the Donbass, in Russia concerning both Crimea and Donbass, and in the various regions of Ukraine. One can criticize VVP for this, but he does not want to do anything that does not have the support of the inhabitants of a given territory. He acts in a similar manner in Russia—he makes a decision only when the people are ready, or even more than ready, for it. I think that’s due to an understanding that the government’s actions are truly historical and make lives better only when they are based on the desires of the majority of the population. When the government and the citizens are acting as a united front, it leads to the government of the people (unlike democracy, in which power belongs to the 2% who are democrats). 
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Huonot uutiset: Venäjä on havainnut Suomesta tulevan uhan Venäjän yhtenäisyydelle.

Секретарь Совета безопасности РФ Николай Патрушев утверждает, что националисты и реваншисты Финляндии якобы пытаются через некоммерческие организации Карелии влиять на местное население. Об этом Патрушев заявил в четверг в Петрозаводске, открывая целевое выездное совещание, посвященное развитию приграничного сотрудничества и обустройства госграницы.

Epäselväksi jää, mikä mahtaa olla tuo mystinen nationalistien ja revansistien Karelia-järjestö, joka yrittää vaikuttaa Venäjän Karjalan väestöön. ProKareliako, joka jaksaa suunnilleen kerran kuussa masturboida jotain? Vai kenties pari blogaavaa yksityisajattelijaa?

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