Friday, February 20, 2015

Ongelmallinen voitto: Onko Putin sotkeutumassa omaan näppäryyteensä

Debaltsevesta ei löytynyt NATOn muukalaislegioonaa, ja selitys sille näyttää olevan ongelmallinen:

PS notice how propaganda from our side attempts to hide the fact that the foreign mercenaries were given a safe corridor out of the cauldron at the direct command from Moscow. A convoy of fighters left the region unmolested, and we are supposed to ask no questions about this. To the contrary, the usual suspects tell us 'not to worry', because the unimportant grunts from Kiev were forced to surrender.When everyone says "look at this", always make an effort to also look in every other direction. Misdirection is the propagandists greatest tool.-----------True. Either Moscow ordered the safe passage of the convoy, or Novorrussians were paid to let them out (the president of Ukraine has a lot of money).Either way, it's pretty disgusting. These special forces with mercenaries come to your land to shell people day and night, kill them by the thousands, murder and rape. And then, if they get in trouble, you let them out and claim victory.There is something deeply disgusting about it all. What would have happened in the reverse situation, if those forces had surrounded thousands of Novorussians? How many times is this going to keep happening? Why, why, why, do the aggressors, mass murderers, invaders, destroyers, need to be let go scot free every time they get in trouble? Are the Russians and Novorussians retarded? Are they masochistic? Are they trying to put on a theater of the absurd kind of play? Fuck this shit. And fuck the Starikov sophistry and the mileage it gets around here.

Otetaan kaljaa ja sipsejä ja katsellaan kun venäläiset jahtaavat pettureita.

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