Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hups, sattuipa hassusti

Jo viime kesänä venäläismielinen  propaganda epäili, että MH17 pudotettiin Stingerillä:

American political commentator Rodney Martin says it is likely that a US-made anti-aircraft missile Stinger has brought down the Malaysia Airlines aircraft in eastern Ukraine last week.
On July 17, the Boeing 777-200 passenger plane crashed in Ukraine’s conflict zone, killing all 298 people aboard. According to US intelligence and military officials, the plane was hit by a Russian SA-series missile launched from eastern Ukraine.

However, according to a report published on Tuesday, senior US intelligence officials say they have no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines MH17.
“It is not unreasonable to believe that a Ukrainian special operations unit had penetrated the eastern region of Ukraine with a Stinger missile and shot down that civilian airliner. Ukraine still had operational control over the airspace of all of Ukraine, including eastern Ukraine,” said Martin, who is the director of the World View Foundations, a website, and a host at the American Nationalist Network, an internet radio station.

Tosin Stingerin kantama ei millään riitä pudottamaan matkakorkeudessa lentävää matkustajakonetta... Tänä kesänä sitten löytyi jopa todisteet siitä, että USA on salaa toimittanut Ukrainalle Stingereitä:

While removing debris at Luhansk airport, the workers have found an arms depot with ammunition, small arms and heavy weapons, some of which were made in the United States, a LPR representative says

Mutta voi voi:

However, details in the close-up indicate that it is a poorly staged fake and that the weapons and boxes had not been manufactured in the U.S.
1. The box bears an inscription “TRACKING RAINER”.
The correct inscription should be “TRACKING TRAINER.” The blogger Anton Logvinov, who writes about computer games, believes that the inscription was forged based on the model of FIM-92 Stinger from the computer game Battlefield 3. Indeed, the second result of a Google search for “Stinger fim-92” is an image from the computer game with the same spelling mistake.
2. The cover of the wooden box bears the inscription “RE USABLE.”
3. The wooden box bears the inscription, “DATE LOUDED.”

Kuten päivystävä trolli äskettäin kommentoi, venäläiset ovat huonompia valehtelemaan kuin jenkit. Harjoituskaan ei tunnu tekevän mestaria. 

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