Friday, November 07, 2014

Venäjä: umpihullu sekoitus äärimmäistä vasemmistoa ja oikeistoa

1) Popular Monarchism (PM) is, in western terms, a *leftist* form of monarchy which opposes monarchy to aristocracy and not to democracy.  In the view of PM, the Russian history is mostly the struggle between two forces: on one side the monarch and the people (both traditionalist, Orthodox and populist) against, on the other side, the elites (seen as modernists, secularists and elitists).
2) PM affirms that Russia is an empire by nature (by "national dominant" to use the term of Solonevich) but it emphatically condemns and opposes the kind of Empire created by Czar Peter I (which some call "the Great").  PM see Peter I (and his court) as the epitome of russophobic evil.
3) PM is a democratic ideology since it affirms that PM is an *institution* a *system* which must include a Zemskii Sobor (Assembly of the Russian Land) as a medium for the expression of the popular will which the monarch has to then implement.
4) PM is almost as class-oriented as Marxism and sees the Russian aristocracy, especially the court, as the most dangerous foe of the Russian people.  The only form of aristocracy PM recognizes as legitimate is the "serving aristocracy" which in modern terms would mean civil servants and/or the military.
5) Ivan Solonevich was himself a Belorussian and he was very proud of his roots just as he was proud of coming from a family of peasants.  PM fully support cultural and national diversity, but resolutely opposes nationalist separatism.
6) PM reject the notion of universal values and say that each nation and each civilization produces its own values and traditions and that each nation and civilization should be left free to live according to these values and traditions.
7) PM has a strong libertarian streak as it sees government bureaucracies as one of the most inept, corrupt and useless parts of society.  PM believe that the popular masses (workers and peasants) should be left free to organized themselves as this both respects the Russian tradition of freedom and is most effective in economic terms.

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