Monday, November 24, 2014

Aika velikultia nuo antifasistit II

USA, Kanada ja Ukraina ovat vastustaneet YK:n päätöslauselmaa, jossa tuomitaan natsismin ihannointi, EU-maat pidättäytyivät. Jottei kenellekään jäisi epäselvyyttä, natsismin ihannointi tarkoittaa neuvostovastaisuutta ja ukrainalaista nationalismia, ei suinkaan esimerkiksi holokaustin kieltämistä:

To me, this is disgusting beyond belief.  Here we have two countries who try to positions themselves as the most pro-Israeli on the planet (the US and Canada) and the EU which has even passed laws making not only Nazi propaganda illegal, but jailing those who would dare investigate the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis (the so-called 'Holocaust').  And yet these putatively anti-Nazi and "democratic" countries are now refusing to condemn the heroization of Nazism not so much because they particularly like Nazis, but because they want to "protect" the Ukrainian junta.  As for the Ukrainians themselves, they have suffered more from Nazis then any other country or ethnic group, and yet they also refused to condemn the heroization of Nazism.  This makes a mockery not only of all their so-called principles and values, it also is an act of obscene disrespect for the millions of Ukrainian murdered by the Nazis.  There is one good thing about all this: it shows clearly and unequivocally how much the western elites truly hate Russia and that this hate clearly trumps any other considerations or values.

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