Friday, November 25, 2016

USA ja NATO - rauhan perikato

The German magazine asks why Russia needs that many tanks. I think it’s a rhetorical question. Russia can never have too many tanks, just like a woman can never have too many pearl necklaces.
Here is an opinion of one of the Russian commentators:
“… if Germans insist on the detailed answer. Russia needs 6000 more tanks because…
”    1. Genocide of Russians in Ukraine organized by Europe and America
  1. Explosion of a Russian passenger plane over Sinai
  2. NATO tanks on the Russian borders
  3. NATO bases around Russia
  4. Occupation of the Baltic, Poland and Romania by the US, UK and Germany
  5. Economic and financial sanctions against Russia
  6. As an answer to the Russopbobic propaganda which is much larger that the Goebbels propaganda before the German and fascist European countries invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22nd, 1941
  7. Because of the multipronged hybrid war against Russia by almost 50 western countries
  8. For many more crimes committed by Western nations against the Russian nation, including the illegal dissolution of the USSR, pillaging of Russia and fifteen years of terror on the Caucasus.
That is why if the US and EU members will make one move, first they will be turned into a radioactive glass covered wilderness, and then Russian tanks will go over it reaching London and leveling the Westminster and the Buckingham palace to the ground and then they will do the same to Washington. Not because Russians are bad, mean, or evil, but because enough is enough.”

Kyllä on totisesti syytä olla huolissaan natokiimaisista sotahulluista. Venäjähän on ystävä.

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