Monday, May 28, 2018

Ehkä se oli sittenkin Buk, mutta ei toki meidän

Venäjän propaganda alkaa vähitellen tosissaan reagoida tutkimuskomission raporttiin MH-17:n alasampumisesta:

JIT investigators “completely ignore(d) and reject(ed) testimon(ies) of eyewitnesses from the nearby Ukrainian communities.”
They provided essential information, “indicating (a missile launch at MH17) was carried out from a territory controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”
So-called JIT evidence (sic) came anti-Russia Kiev putschists, along with fake computer-generated images on social media – a scheme to falsely blame Russia and Donbass freedom fighters for the downing they had nothing to do with.
Russian firm Almaz-Antley once produced the type Buk missile claimed to have downed MH17. It was long ago discontinued, replaced by more sophisticated models.
Almaz-Antley conducted extensive analysis into MH17’s downing, its findings proving the missile came from Ukrainian military-controlled territory, not Donbass as falsely claimed.
MH17 fuselage damage didn’t match clearly fabricated JIT evidence (sic) – including the angle of impact, showing the missile couldn’t have come from Donbass.
Ukrainian forces bear responsibility for what happened, Washington surely responsible for orchestrating the ugly incident.
JIT investigators buried evidence incriminating them, falsely blaming Russia and Donbass freedom fighters for their high crime.
Nearly four years later, the Big Lie persists – media scoundrels supporting the false scenario instead of denouncing it.

Nyt on siis silminnäkijöitä sillekin kun ukrainalaiset pudottivat koneen Buk-ohjuksella. Mitähän on tehty niille silminnäkijöille, jotka näkivät Ukrainan ilmavoimien SU-25:n pudottavan koneen ohjuksella ja konetykillä?

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