Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ilmeisesti Venäjällä on vielä jotain järkeä tallella: Dugin saanut kenkää

During conflict in Ukraine, Dugin also lost his post as Head of the Department of Sociology of International Relations of Moscow State University.[10] In 2014, the petition titled "We demand dismissing a MSU sociology faculty professor A.G. Dugin!" was signed by over 10 thousand people and sent to the MSU rector Viktor Sadovnichiy.[45] The petition was started after Dugin in an interview expressed his opinion how to deal with Ukrainians, "To kill, kill, kill. There should be no more conversations. As a professor, I think so."[46] Dugin claimed to been fired from this post, the university claimed the offer of a department chairmanship resulted from a technical error and that he would remain a professor under contract until September 2014.[10] Dugin wrote the statement of resignation from the faculty because it was necessary to be reappointed to the Moscow State University, but the appointment did not happen, so as a result he is no longer a staff member of the faculty and a staff member of the Moscow State University.[21]

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