Monday, September 15, 2014

Strelkov/Girkin on valitettavasti elossa, mutta miten hyvässä hapessa on Venäjä?

Yesterday's press conference by Strelkov is, I believe, a historical moment because it marks the move of Strelkov from the Novorussian military struggle into the much larger, and far more dangerous struggle, the struggle for the political future of Russia.  This in itself is no necessarily unexpected, but the way he did it was a surprise, at least for me.  But before I zoom out to the bigger picture, I think that it would be helpful to try to summarize some of the key points of his presentation (thanks to Marina, you can download the full English transcript by clicking here and the Q&A is here).  Here is how I summarized what I saw as the key elements of his presentation:

External factors (staging) - symbolic message:

 His view about the ceasefire agreement:

His description of the 5th column: 

Strelkov's plans

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